Krista Bowler | Personal Training for Women
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Personal Training for Women

The many years of dance experience and discipline it required to be a highly technical & expressive athlete has gifted me with so much. A super solid understanding of what it takes to keep fit, strong and healthy for dance, plus mental tools to be able to sustain a demanding career for so long. These techniques apply to life in general and are firmly embedded as roots from were I devise and design programs for my clients who are not dancers or athletes.



Weight loss programs for aesthetic or health reasons.

Toning, sculpting and shaping programs if you just want to firm up.

Reinvigorating fitness programs for the tired and worn out person needing fresh energy and a new motivation.

Post injury program working on building muscles to support injury, sustain weight and assist in the healing process.

Pre natal cardio and muscular training to prepare for 'mummy duties ahead'.

Post natal training program to get moms back to feeling like ‘yummy mummies’.

Programs targeted to your CORE – core meaning all your intrinsic muscles of the body, to provide it with a solid structure, as we get older.

Nutritional and lifestyle tips and tricks to help you shift old patterns of thinking to a new, refreshed you.

Hypertrophy training if you are the type that loves “more than just muscle tone”.

Program you are looking for not mentioned above?
Contact me to discuss if I can devise one especially for you.

In being able to draw certain principles from my dance training, as well as my extensive knowledge through my personal training qualifications, have been able to enjoy a vast palette of training techniques and tricks in achieving optimal results. The dancer in me is able to provide exciting and motivating sessions that are different and challenging enough to keep my clients continuously improving.

Physically and mentally, no two people are the same. Plus, we all have varying life demands. A free consultation enables me to devise the perfect all round fitness and wellbeing scheme towards what you want to achieve.

Contact me for your free consultation
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