Krista Bowler | Personal Training for Pre/Post Natal Mothers
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Personal Training for Pre/Post Natal Mothers

One can’t deny that as magnificent it is to be able to grow and birth your child, it’s a tough experience, during pregnancy and after it. The one thing I wished I had, was that support of a trainer myself to help me through my pregnancy and guide me. To help me feel beautiful as my body changed, to challenge me when I felt drained and tired. To pick me up on those days I felt I could not cope with it all. It’s a huge feat, we are creating lives. It was through my huge efforts (and frustrations) of making it work and getting my body back better than before that I promised myself to do everything necessary to be able to help other mothers be able to do the same. I would be honored to help you through it, pre and post birth !



Reduce pregnancy symptoms.

Maintain bone density.

Decrease risk if gestational diabetes.

Increase your energy levels and help you through those “ tough days”.

Control your weight gain and provide nutritional advice.

Keep posture aligned throughout pregnancy.

Increase your wellbeing and self- esteem to make you feel like a proud mamma.

Train all core muscles for stability and strength for demands of baby to come.

Keep your little one leaner inside.

Be fit and strong for a quicker postnatal recovery.

Help you heal from Rectus Diastases.

Help you lose postnatal weight and get your body back, better than before!

Help you psychologically with postnatal healing.

Program you are looking for not mentioned above?
Contact me to discuss if I can devise one especially for you.

There is a common misconception that as soon as you get pregnant, the red light to stop exercising and keeping fit turns on. I can’t tell you how wrong that is! It is totally safe to carry on training however, pregnancy is a delicate time and you need to train safely. Having a Personal Trainer to help you along the route to a super fit and healthy pregnancy means that you can trust and know that all the exercises you perform are safe for you and your baby. Always check with your specialist before partaking in any exercise program, the safety of your little one always comes first.

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