Krista Bowler | Personal Training for Dancers
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Personal Training for Dancers

I’ve lived the life of a dancer for over 25 years as a profession and a passion. For many years, I have choreographed, danced, performed, taught, trained, ate well & adopted a lifestyle suitable for professional dance .I am now so excited to be able to train you on some or all of the below. My personal training methods are not only for professionals, so if you are an aspiring dancer, or simply love dancing as a hobby and want to get fitter/stronger for it, this training will also work for you.



Build a stronger body frame to endure the intensity of dance & move better.

Work on your anaerobic fitness to enhance the power, clarity and agility in you movement.

Work on your aerobic fitness to enable you to last longer in dance class or routines.

Work on your weight in order to be fitter and lighter for dance – or simply to look and feel good when you dance.

Work on your alignment and flexibility for better range of motion especially in more demanding and technical movement.

Rehabilitation & strengthening from current/old injuries involving building right muscles to support your weak points.

Specific design training for certain aspects of dance such as: jumps, turns, power in kicks, upper body strength for floor routines, lower body strength, core for posture and strength.

Nutritional advice and guidance to improve body weight, strength, longevity and power in dance.

Any dance fitness training that you require that is not mentioned above, that will make you a fitter, stronger, better dancer, contact me to see how I can tailor a program for you.

Program you are looking for not mentioned above?
Contact me to discuss if I can devise one especially for you.

An initial free consultation would enable me to create a fitness program to perfectly suit what you would like to achieve. Remember that, there are always solutions. You just need to be ready to take on the challenge and work hard to achieve your goals. As your trainer, I will ensure we get you there.

Contact me for your free consultation
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