Krista Bowler | Nutrition & Training
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Nutrition & Training

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. If you are serious about getting fitter, stronger & leaner, you can’t focus on one part without the other. As your PT, I am qualified to offer very solid nutritional advice to help you make substantial changes to your body composition, fitness levels and strength. Nutritional evaluation usually happens once every 6 months.


Your full Nutritional analysis would include

Detailed macro split (% of fat, protein, carbohydrate) according to your specific bodily calculations.

Detailed analysis of food intake and replacement suggestions.

New food plan according to your individual requirements.

6 analysis of results – first week of each month.

In depth educational hand outs/ video clips on a variety of important nutritional information specific to your needs.

Assist in easing client into nutritional lifestyle changes.

Educate into making healthy eating fun and adventurous.

Compliment nutrition plan with training for best results.

Ensure client is getting a balanced nutritional intake.

Promote the most effective health solutions specific to clients needs.

Promote fat/ weight loss/ lean muscle mass.

The truth of the matter is that 70-80 % of what you look like and how you feel inside is actually what you eat. Only 20-30 % is affected by training
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