Krista Bowler | Contemporary Dance Dubai (CDD)
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Contemporary Dance Dubai (CDD)

You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you that I never intended to found a school, certainly never thought I would find myself in the land of sand, Dubai. Fresh from London, were the dance scene had been booming for decades, Dubai was not quite anywhere close to that in terms of dance. Trying to find professional Contemporary dance classes was a struggle and although I was prepared to jump on a plane back to London, there were other plans in store for me!

Falling in love kept me here at first. But the prospect of Dubai being quite like a blank canvas, an excitingly growing city where literally the sky was the limit, kept me here till today!  I quickly realized that in order for me to produce dance performances & carry on dancing there was a huge task at hand. I would need to start by training dancers and teaching the culture of my passion Contemporary Dance


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“ Contemporary Dance Dubai” was the name that was called out to my team of dancers as we stepped on stage to perform at the Madinat 6 years ago. I quite liked the sound of that and so it began. One student walked into my first class after sitting in an empty studio for 7 weeks. Over 6 years, CDD became a full blown school with 17 weekly classes full of adult students who soon picked up the passion and made Contemporary Dance part of their lives. CDD spent years nurturing dancers, educating audiences on the wonders of this style of dance, creating and performing. Great times!

The most beautiful thing about CDD apart from its weekly bustling classes with hundreds of students who enjoyed them was the fact that CDD became like a family. A family of talent, passion and friendships that have lasted till today. Through everyone’s love for dance and sharing experiences with it, so many people made life long friendships and connections that are now irreplaceable

We enjoyed teaching such a vast array of classes. We taught beginner to professional level including ballet, various types of contemporary as well as dance fitness. CDD Company performed in a variety of events and shows. Students developed their technique and their understanding of the style and moved up levels as the years went by. Some talented students even got accepted to Dance Universities abroad after our training!

CDD was lucky to have a superb small team that loved the endless hours of creating, teaching, plotting, planning & performing for all the classes and events CDD had on. Tara Tibos, we are talking about you!


Watch the CDD Documentary here

CDD as a school closed in 2015, keeping the artistic part of the company very much alive. This bustling school needed so much work and attention that it became impossible to carry on with my artistic collaborations, projects and dance jobs. This led me back to being a solo artist. I love spending my time giving workshops, choreographing for events and shows, producing work with artists across the arts as well as dancing and performing and of course fitness personal training.

CDD has been known for its professional edge and training, the first ever of its kind to hold classes in a variety of Contemporary dance techniques. I am so proud and honored to have pioneered this style in the years I dedicated to CDD and love watching this style flourish and grow as the dance scene in Dubai is evolving.

Check out some of our photos through the years below

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