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Who I am

Welcome to my site! I’m Krista Bowler.

Throughout my career, I have loved many aspects of the arts and one led me to delve deeper into the other, to discover and learn. Each phase of my life has come with a main focus and I’m so grateful that now they have all fused beautifully into a career that I am completely passionate about.

For many years, dance has taken centre stage but to be a strong dancer, I had to learn how to be an athlete. Through the discipline it took to gain strength to sustain the life of a dance artist, I realized my huge passion for fitness training.

My website goes though the various stages of my career with so many visuals which I have so enjoyed sharing with you. Today, I share 3 main strands to my career, with fitness personal training being at the forefront of how I spend most of my days.

The fitness personal training section is detailed with all I have to offer. I fitness personal train woman, dance artists, and I am now so happy to be able to offer pre and postnatal training since becoming a mother. I do tend to train some men who prefer the leaner muscular look even though I don’t promote it on my site. It’s mostly word of mouth!

My dance section is rich with the history of many of the projects I have done with dance as well as what I offer today. Dance will always be embedded in my core and I source its inspiration and knowledge in how I fitness train my clients today. I still enjoy being involved with dance even though I do less of that nowadays.

Painting has been something that I always liked to express through my life and most recently been enjoying using splashes of color to invigorate or provoke feeling in abstract from. My art section will be up soon!

I do hope you enjoy browsing through my work. Feel free to contact me anytime to fitness personal train you, collaborate with you as a dancer, be commissioned by you to paint or to simply chat about how any of this can be done!


Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Fitness (REPS Certified)

Level 2/3 Fitness Personal Training & Nutrition (REPS Certified)

B.A Communications Studies

Diploma in Musical Theatre

B.A (Hons) Contemporary Dance Theatre (Laban)

CELTA Qualified

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